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Rules updated 1.2.2021


Basic Rules:
- No Hacking / Glitching / Duping - If we find you duping items, your inventorys gets wiped.
- No MetaGaming / Stream Sniping.

- Combat logging is not tolerated.

- Respect Admins and other players.

- Arguing with Admin or Moderator of our servers, either ingame or on our board will result in a timeout, instead if you have something to say IE defending yourself due to a mishap or miscommunication, do not argui but reason as a normal adult/hum being so everything can be sorted out correctly as it should.
- Do not tell Admins or Moderators how to play the game or how to rule the server, better is if you have anything to add to our community, then it is always best to leave a feedback post on our board so an admin/moderator can have a look at it and decide wethere to implement or to reject with a reason ofcourse.
- Continuously harrasing an Admin or Moderator will result in a 24 hour timeout from the server, if after this timeout you still can not keep yourself in check, your timeout will be extended for another 7 days, and after all of this you still can not hold yourself in check, your timeout will be permanent.

RP Rules:
KOS will not be tolerated.
- Always RP any situation to your fullest and make sure you value your own and others life as if it were your last.
- Make sure to have a valid reason to end someones life. 
- Verbal communication must be made to initiate HOSTILE RP.
- When doing hostile RP, make sure that the other party hears you - meaning give them reasonable time to respond.
- Raising gun at someone is not grounds for KOS; Have trust in other people's RP that they won't just shoot straight away. Remember, point is to create stories, not ending them too soon.
- You have a responsibility to take care of hostage needs if you don't plan to kill them. Needs are classifed as warmth, food, water, cure for the virus, leaving them with bandages.
- Loot farming not allowed, you just take what you see you need.

- If going AFK you will have to write it to chat like this AFK (Reason for AFK) max AFK time 10min, over that you need logout, if admins notice a long AFK you will be kicked from server.

- Continuous breach of the rules will lead to perm BAN !!!
- Temp Ban time normally 24h

- If you have any question from our server, do not hesitate ask.



Communication is key part of the game and immersiveness. You never know who is around that can listen, so make communication clear and follow these rules:

- You MUST have a working microphone to play on this server, in-game communication is a must.

- You must be able to understand and effectively communicate English and use it as your primary language. However, you are allowed to talk your language with people from same country.

- Please use radios in-game to communicate with team-mates, Do not use 3rd party communications i.e Discord/Teamspeak.

- Dont be a dick in chat/voip, no toxic, racist or any aggressive... behavior.

- Do not intentionally spam with loud or high pitch noises "voip trolling".
- Only English in chat, no voice in ....

3rd party voip:
Out Of Character (OOC) talking is allowed.
- RP situation can be talked about after the situation if it does not change the situation, behavior, or
reveal crucial things in the game.
- You are not allowed to plan / intrigue RP situation in 3rd party voip.
- If there are other players in the area you need talk ingame



- No trader camping. 
- No vehicle ramming in Traderzones.
- No stealing in traderzones, traderzones are for TRADING. 
- Do not block trader vehicle spawn area with vehicles.
(for NPC vehicle trader)
- Do not leave vehicles middle trader area where other players needs to move also.



Basic Building Rules:
- Build your bases in realistic and smart way.
- Do not block main roads of the towns
- Do not build within 800m of any Trader

- No floating bases
- No massive fencing what can cause lag experience for players and server performance.
- Do not build base in to Hospital, Military, Gas station, or any other areas what are for public spawns.

- Every base must have one or more door/gate.

- When building fences around your place, see if you can extend the existing fences

- Clean up after yourself; If you abandoned base you can either remove it yourself or create a ticket.

- If you have any question from base building, like "is my selected place ok to build a base?", do not hesitate ask so you dont need move your base afterwards or admins do not have to remove anything.




Please note !!! Griefing is not allowed, if you are being acused of doing this, you WILL be investigated, if you are caught doing this, then a 24 hour ban will be set in place, 2nd time caught 7 day ban, 3th time caught permanent ban, so please refrain from this action. !!! YOU ARE WARNED WE WILL BE WATCHING YOU !!!!

Base Raiding

1: Offline raiding is NOT allowed.

2: Only steal what you can carry, do not purposely dump stuff on the ground that they will despawn.

3: If you come across unsecured base, keep in mind that the person might not have the time to secure it so don't raid it.

4: You MUST interact with the owner of the base or leave a clear clue or a note so it can be roleplayed out properly.

5:  Base Online Raiding is allowed, however you will have to notify the base owner 15 minutes before you actually start the raid, if the base owner does not reply to your call, even if you are next to their base, a 15 minute timer starts which you will have to count yourself, you are allowed to roam the area, so if the base owner in question is there but does not want to rp, and you find out after the 15 minute timer that the base owners was online when you called him/her/them out for a raid, you are allowed to instigate the raid without notice as you have given the base owner ample time to get ready.
You will have to make sure you log the time of raid instigation, this to prevent any base owner to call you out that you raided without notice.

Raiding Rule for Abandoned Bases
1: Make a note with timestamp before raiding set base.

2: Inform Admin or Moderator you left note at set base.

3: Wait 7 day's to make sure base is abandoned.

4: When commencing set raid on set base, the note you left previous with set timestamp, should be updated with new timestamp of raid, so for example on 12-04-21 you start raid timer on abandoned base, then on 19-04-21 you can start raid and log this time on same note as previous, so admin or moderator have log and proof.
This will garantee, that if set base owner comes online and starts yelling, admin or moderator can give proof that set raider has waited the 7 day grace period before raiding, and admin or moderator has kept an eye on set base before raid even started.

5: For base owners, if you do not want your base to be raided due to you going to be offline for extended period of time, health issue, vacation, out of town work and no possibility of coming online for an amount of time beyond 7 days, please inform admin or moderator to take your base off the raiding list, and mark it as a safe zone, however if you then do not appear again your base will be open ground for anyone to enter without any timer or grace period.

6: For Base owners, set timer due to legitimate reasons for you not being able to come online, is at max 30 day's, if this needs to be longer then 30 day's then please notify server owner before 30 day timer runs out.

7: Do not dismantle empty or abandoned base just for getting building supplies.



Injury deadth (Zombie, Animal, Fall, Car Crash)

- When you die, you can not generally remember what happened.

- Do not return to your body/death area in 45 minutes,  you are not allowed to loot your body. (this does not count if killed by glitch/bug)

- Return to body/death area is allowed if you die inside base/camp area.

RP Agreed death (PVP)

- Perma Death, you cannot remember anything from your last character times.
- Do not return to your body/death area in 45 minutes, 
 you are not allowed to loot your body. (this does not count if killed by glitch/bug)
- Do not return to your old base or to any character you used to know.
- Do not return as a relative of your character, with a shoddy back story to get you involved in a previous story line.

- NO revenge killing.



- Each invidual can only own 1 vehicle (car or truck)
- Group can own max 5 vehicles. 
(for example 3 person group can only have max 3 vehicles, one vehicle can be truck or bus)

- Enjoy playing on our server.
- Have fun hunting and surviving.
- And foremost try to stay alive.
   Yours truly: Admins of Crazy Gamers

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