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- English/Finnish in sidechat, no voice in Sidechat.
- No hacking / duping / exploits and glitching are strictly prohibited, PERMANENT BAN NO WARNING
- Do not kamikaze into bases.
- Do not use relog to overwrite/reset spawn cooldown.
- Combat logging is not tolerated, which can lead to TEMPORARY BAN or PERMANENT BAN.
- Respect Admins and other players.
- Do not argue with Admins, Admin decisions are FINAL.
- Our server have 0 tolerance for Admin power using when Admins play, if you think that you have been Admin ambush report  to server owner/main Admin, THANK YOU.
- False accusations can lead to TEMPORARY BAN or in bad behavior to PERMANENT BAN, so if you start blame admins or any other with hard arguments be ready prove it when asked, auditory hallucinations from Admin ambuse seems to be fashion now.

- Continuous breach of the rules will lead to PERMANENT BAN !!!

- TEMPORARY BAN time normally 24h


- If you have any question from our server, do not hesitate ask.



- Dont be a dick in chat, racist and aggressive... behavior can lead to TEMPORARY BAN or even PERMANENT BAN, this is just game so we can act like adults.


- No trader Camping/Killing/Baiting

- No vehicle ramming in Traderzones.
- No stealing in traderzones, traderzones are for TRADING. 
- Unlocked vehicle left to the trader can stole (no player nearby).
- Do not block trader vehicle spawn area with vehicles.
- Do not leave vehicles middle trader area where other players needs to move also.
- Trader is not full time parking area, max 1 vehicles per player for temp parking.
- Engaging in a firefight and then running into the safezone to avoid being killed will result in to TEMPORARY BAN
- Vehicles which have been XX hours inside safezones will be removed (deleted) automatically.  (NOT USED  ATM)



Basic Building Rules:
- Building base over roads is permitted, ALL land vehicles must be able to pass freely beneath constructions with no obstacles blocking their route, min 2 wall high.

- Base must have at least 1 door that leads inside the Base.

- Do not build base in to military, high loot, gas station.

- Minimum building distance from Trader 1000m. 

-If you are not sure if you can build base place you want, do not hesitate ask from admin.




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