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                                                                        CRAZY GAMERS LIFE
                                                                           rules on life server!!!



-The player must keep up with Avatar in all game situations.

- The role of the killing of other characters without an important and justifiable reason is prohibited. (Killing must be the role of a character / suitable reason for the situation)

-Admins have the right at any stage to demand an explanation from you behavior role playing situation. (This is the reason why you should be in our VOIP Team Speak)

-Music or otherwise interfering with other players anywhere in the VOIP channel is prohibited.

-Racist or otherwise offensive conduct by other players is forbidden, even if Avatar would be built around it.

-This is role play server and your Avatar spirit is a valuable, Doing may suicide result in BAN !!!

-Ban to circumvent in any way is prohibited and may result in a permanent ban.

-By telling others the role of the players're an admin guy or talking to other role-playing game is not the appropriate method can lead to BAN. If you see or hear that someone is violating the rules you kindly
to report the offense to the police or admin txt message. Do yourself different from your Avatar because of other misadventures.

-Do not use the ADMIN title in any chat or VOIP, unless you have some urgent reason for this.

-All server players must be in our Team Speak when they are on server, with out being on Team Speak can leads to kick from server.

-Server age limit is 15. It does not deviate in any living relations.


-Please do not share / tell the other players Admin in-game names of the characters. This does not benefit any one role-playing game situations.

-When you encounter an unknown player, do not go directly to them and say "Hey Kalle how are you..." according to role play you do not know him or even know name, you will need to ask for the name and after she/he says name you can use it.


-From prison escape by means of suicide is not allowed.


-Sending a text message to another role of the character is permissible only if the Avatar is "given" to you no pers basis.. Sending a text message without that you own or have the role of a character is prohibited There are No.

                                                                             GAME CHANNELS

-Side and local channel use for talking is not allowed, this may leat to BAN !!!

-Direct chat in speaking and writing is permitted as long as it is in role play.

-Side chat writing is allowed only in this style. EG: "offroad sale !!! offroad well-liked is looking for a new home where you get good care contact number xxxxxxxxxxx price EUR 8500"



-These discontented player has the right to seek a new Server, or take the Admin MAIN CONTACT

-IF Admin makes the wrong decision or violates admins Designated RULES ON MAIN Admin RIGHT TO DO IN CASE your desired SOLUTION FROM ADMINEILTA OPINIONS WITHOUT ASKING

                                                                         MAIN ADMIN MARKO                                                                                                                                                              

                                                                            ADMIN    CORT3U                                                                                                                                                              

                                                                            ADMIN    RCONRC

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